Four alumni share personal reflections on the value of a semester spent studying the Chesapeake Bay.


“CWS has truly opened my eyes regarding what environmental issues this country and this watershed are facing, and not only the problems but potential solutions as well.” - Cole Evans


“Throughout the semester we have done lots of work learning about leadership, policy, ecology, and more. But some of my favorite work was the activism, especially with our capstone projects. This project was my favorite because it was so eye opening for me.” - Caroline Taylor


“The Watershed Semester doesn't just have to be for students thinking about environmental careers. There are many other elements of the semester, like policymaking in government and enhancing your leadership qualities.” - Mason Rudolfs

“I would recommend CWS to anyone and everyone because others deserve to learn about such relevant environmental issues. People need to learn about this so they can be informed and can help us save the Bay.” - Yanni Harris